Off to Bulgaria?

A few thousand miles from (a very cold) Hackney, two good friends have bought a house in Bulgaria and plan to move there as soon as possible. They've been living and working in Southern Greece for four years after leaving the UK for good. Alas, the strength of the euro and the economic downturn have made it increasingly more expensive to live and harder to find work there. Bulgaria is apparently much more affordable, as well as very beautiful!
Over the past three years Russ has helped us to finish building our Greek house, in fact he's probably spent more time there than we have. He's been a real godsend and will definitely be missed! Both he and his wife Aileen have become good friends - many a glass of chilled wine and sticky sweet raki have been raised, al fresco, on warm summer's evenings as we've enjoyed golden sunsets and good cheer!
It is hard these days, to find a good builder who is honest, hard working and doesn't breath in sharply when you ask him "how much?". Russ is a genuine, friendly guy with many, much admired, skills... building, plumbing, electrics, carpentry, decorating.... just the sort of person I wish lived on my street here in London!!!
We wish them both, much to our regret, BON VOYAGE! And if you happen to be buying a place in Bulgaria (which many Brits seem to be doing) you should definitely contact Russ at R & A Enterprises!


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