Olympic Development

The landscape is changing here in Hackney. From the Marshes the skyline is transforming rapidly... the VeloPark and the main stadium are now shaping the horizon to the east against a backdrop of cranes. Walking along the River Lea I can't help but feel for the residents of Leabank Square who have a view not-to-die-for of the souless grey walls of the International Broadcasting Centre and the towering Energy Centre. The grafitti on the decaying industrial walls along the river bank is starting to disappear. The water is littered with old shoes, carrier bags and other detritus and the Gaza-esque fencing obstructs the view of the evolving Olympic site. South of the Marshes the sprawl of the 2012 building site seems endless and it is a little hard to imagine how it will transform into the green, landscaped urban park, shown in the architects CGIs on the London 2012 website, when the big event actually arrives in 894 days.


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