Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Metallic Marshes

Too soon this beautiful expanse of turf and wild green marshland will be transformed into a huge car park to accommodate the 2012 Olympic traffic.
But for now I love the touches of rusty metal that add texture and colour to the lush green landscape. The new modern changing facilities, designed by Stanton Williams Architects, sit in stark contrast to their natural surroundings, a reminder of the nearby industrial heritage of East London. Their utilitarian, eroded outer shell houses much needed amenities for the home of grass roots football as well as for the wider community. It looks great on the outside with it's tough, functional exterior but will it meet the needs of its users on the inside? I'm looking forward to having a peek!

Columbia Road

Columbia Road is brimming with creative inspiration... the shops that border the colourful flower and plant stalls are a constant source of unusual pressies and indulgent treats. When I'm up early on a sunny Sunday morning Columbia Road is my favourite destination for coffee and a browse!

The Big Draw

These big blackboards were the canvas for a Big Draw event at the 2012 Olympic Park. They're on display beside the View Tube.